Indus Altum International School Celebrates Its First Annual Day.

‘Creating Climate Change Leaders’ is one of the main aims and objectives at Indus Altum International School, Belagavi. To achieve this aim the ‘Green Eagle’ project has been carefully coined at IAIS in the year 2021-22. 


To showcase the efforts and initiatives of our beloved students in this endeavour, Indus Altum International School, Belagavi hosted its first Annual Day on the 24th of April, 2022. The entire student community at Indus Altum participated in the event which was based on the theme: Climate Change. 


The Indus Altum Day featured ‘Green Eagles’ in the form of a short play and various other performances depicting the relevance of this mission which would continue at IAIS every year in progression. With over 300 attendees, the power packed event was not only a delight to witness but also garnered tremendous feedback from the parent community. What made the occasion even more memorable was the presence of the CEO & MD, Indus Trust: Lt. Gen Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd) at Indus Altum’s first annual day. His message for the parent community, the teachers and most importantly students is one of the most crucial takebacks in making our Green Eagles, future Climate Change leaders. He was also joined by Mr Rajeev Kaul, COO & MD, AEQUS and board member at Altum Trust.

Keeping the maxim ‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally’ close to their hearts, the Green Eagles of Indus Altum have already begun this journey.’


Lieutenant General Arjun Ray

PVSM, VSM (Retd.) Founder CEO & MD
Indus Trust


Presently, Indus is pursuing three mega innovative projects that are in different stages of their journey: robots that teach collaboratively with teachers; the Startup School that promotes life entrepreneurship and meets the key objectives of the National Education Policy 2020; and the School of the Future
(planned to come up in Bangalore in August 2023).

If you want your child to be creative; Indus schools are the best learning institutions to be in. Indus schools encourage leadership; entrepreneurship; and whole education, but not at the cost of academic excellence. Our innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities have been recognized across the country. This explains why Indus schools are in first 7 in India. Indus Bangalore, in particular, has been ranked #1 for 10 consecutive years.




Sheetal Heda -
Mother of Sidharth Heda - Grade 5


It’s been 8 months, my son Sidharth has been a part of Indus Altum International School. The atmosphere and learning environment are optimal for all young children. All the students receive individual attention, and my son loves his great teachers who are nurturing and friendly at the same time and encourage growth. Another thing that I like is that the updates on parent posts are on time! Hoping that our children excel both academically and personally.

Shilpa Mangale -
Mother of Jatin Mangale - PP1

Picture 1.png

This session on "Dealing with the other side of your child" was a very informative session that helped me identify the behaviour patterns of my kid and how to be patient enough to tolerate his tantrums. Applying the grandma's rule where it is necessary and trying not to overdo or force anything are some of the tips that I can integrate in my parenting style. The session went on very well, so really looking forward to the anger management session.

Thank you so much!!!



On the 13th of February, Indus Altum International School started its boarding facilities for the first time. When I came here, I observed the hostel rooms and facilities, and found them comfortable. My parents helped me to arrange the room and cupboard but when they were leaving, I felt very emotional.

There was a time when I also felt that I would not be able to stay away from home, but the house parents made the process easy as they are very caring and helpful. Although there has been a huge change in my lifestyle as I only get limited time for using my devices, I am having a wonderful time here.

Ms Arti Ahuja

An educational institution’s experience is defined not only by its facilities, infrastructure, ideologies or teachers; but more so by the students it grooms and the trust it garners from its parents.

Ms Deepa Mangalwedhe

Education is the most important phase of a child. A phase which has been drastically affected in the current times.