Ms Arti Ahuja

An educational institution’s experience is defined not only by its facilities, infrastructure, ideologies or teachers; but more so by the students it grooms and the trust it garners from its parents. Indus Altum International School, Belagavi will soon launch this year and we have already garnered so much love and respect from our parent community. We would like to thank Ms Arti Ahuja, mother of Aarna for sharing her views and her testimonial about her experience with us helping us reiterate the true purpose of education at Indus Altum.

Ms Deepa Mangalwedhe

Education is the most important phase of a child. A phase which has been drastically affected in the current times. At a time when most schools in our country were aiming to move from a traditional style of learning to a more experiential style of learning, the lockdown has changed the game completely. A new challenge lies ahead, experiential learning and that too via online education.

As parents, we should now aim for school that embrace this change, adapt swiftly and bring innovation in their conduct. It is rightly said that "to dwell in the past is to lose one's path’" that is why at Indus Altum International School, Belagavi, we aim to make our students future ready through holistic education. But as parents, you shouldn’t take us at our word but at the word of our parent community who share their experience with pride.

Listen to Ms Deepa Mangalwedhe More, mother of Atharv Magalwedhe as she talks about her experience so far and how they are happy to be part of the Indus Vision.