Collaborative Learning Model

Indus Collaborative Learning Model

90% of a traditional teacher’s time is taken up in preparing for the next day’s class, homework, assignments, formative and summative assessments, academic processes, and campus responsibilities. This leaves her/ him with no time to personalize the learning- teach the child.

We believe that teacher- robots can take over these repetitive responsibilities to enable the teacher to focus on the child.


Therefore, Indus has conceived and produced the world’s first AI-enabled teacher- robot: Eagle 4.0 who teaches collaboratively with the teacher. Eagle 4.0 is equipped with the latest technology and the following features:

  • Content delivery
  • Student engagement analysis and intervention through facial recognition
  • Student recognition through voice
  • Conversation model
  • Two-way interaction
  • Automated assessment with prescriptive and predictive analysis along with personalized feedback.