Republic Day Celebration

On January 26, 2022, we at Indus Altum International School, Belagavi celebrated our first Republic Day. The principal, teachers, staff, and most importantly our young Indus Altum Eagles came together on the occasion of India's 73rd Republic day to share their messages and honour this great nation.

First Green Eagle's Retreat

Indus Altum International School, Belagavi recently held its very first Retreat for the young Green Eagles. The objective at Indus Altum has always been to create Climate Change Leaders of Tomorrow and this retreat was an important step in this regard. Multiple activities were conducted during the retreat like Nature Walk and Hot seating to enable students to empathise with Mother Nature better.
Do check out these highlights from our very first Green Eagle's Retreat!

First Fire Drill at Indus Altum International School, Belagavi.

On the 24th & 25th November 2021, we at Indus Altum International School, Belagavi organised our first Fire Drill for the students and staff. Another step in preparing our students for all challenges and helping develop skills and competencies that they can utilise in real-life scenarios thereby boosting their confidence in the process.

Children's day celebration at Indus Altum 

Indus Altum International School, Belagavi celebrated its first Children's day with the students last week during a special assembly and the experience was amazing. From games to sing alongs, tongue twisters and poems for our young Eagles, the entire program was directed to impart a very important message for our students. Do watch our Highlight reel and see our students enjoy their very first celebration at Indus Altum! 

Halloween Celebration at Indus Altum

On Nov 3rd 2021, Indus Altum International School, Belagavi celebrated Halloween along with our students and conducted our very first Halloween Themed Assembly. It was such a lovely spectacle seeing all teachers and students dress up in their favourite Halloween characters and share their message for Halloween. Do watch the Glimpses of our students enact their favourite characters here.

Coffee with the Counsellor Episode 2

The Highlight reel of episode 2 of 'Coffee with the Counsellor' is now out. Our second session was full discussions and sharing of experiences by parents that made the session all the more memorable. Do stay tuned for more episodes of Coffee with the Counsellor!

Coffee with the Counsellor - Episode 1

The Highlight Video of our very first Wellness session: Coffee with the Counsellor is out! A fun and interactive afternoon filled with some thought provoking learning and discussion with our in- house Counsellor were the best part of the session! This is the first episode of many more to come! Do follow our social media pages to stay updated!

Highlights of our students - Independence Day Celebration

Highlight Reel of our Independence Day Celebration is out! It was such a great spectacle at Indus Altum International School, Belagavi that our Principal, Academic Coordinators, Staff members and most importantly our students joined in together for India's 75th Independence day celebration! 

Indus Altum Innovation Summit, Day - 1 

Day 1 was filled with interaction where students got to know more about their friends. Each one introduced himself / herself through their Favorite character (book/cartoon) and superpowers they wish to possess. The class had happy moments through stories and videos, followed by students sharing what made them happy. Towards the end of the session, we knew each other well and looked forward to our next day of collaboration as a team to learn from each other.

    Indus Altum Innovation Summit, Day - 2 

Our students embarked on a journey to self-discovery through identification of their strengths and weaknesses on Day 2. Through meditation, they imagined themselves in an environment that would make them happy. The details and creativity of the environment shared by each child surprised us. Even though we were restricted at homes during the lockdown, our minds travelled to interesting places in such a short duration. It was such a delight and joy!

Indus Altum Innovation Summit, Day - 3

After travelling to exciting and happy places in Day 2 session, our students were made aware that around their secure, safe, and happy homes, there is another environment that calls for help and support. Through stories and interactive conversations, we developed empathy for Mother Earth, as human actions and behaviour are harming it. Our students realized that for any change to occur, it should start from within and how they can start being global citizens who would venture into thinking globally and acting locally.   


The day ended with responsibilities and lots of thoughts on how each one of us could make a difference and give back to the larger community.

    Indus Altum Innovation Summit, Day - 4 

Our last day culminated into a journey towards innovation . As a guest speaker, Ms. Ayesha Baig, (Director of Indus Altum Early Learning Center) inspired our students to be innovators and discussed how climate change is impacting us. The videos of 2 young innovators from Indus further motivated the students. We were amazed by the imaginative designs the students shared. Their empathy towards what is happening around them and the urge to support the larger community was well appreciated. Wishing our young learners, the very best and we look forward to meeting them again on another enriching and engaging journey.

The Innovations of our Students

"I don’t think outside of the box; I think of what I can do with the box."


Through empathy, research, critical thinking and collaboration, our young leaders made themselves aware of the challenges around them and their environment. Our 4-day workshop culminated with them designing a blueprint of products / services which would help the community be a better and safer place.  


Our initial steps of design thinking leading to leaders of tomorrow who will think globally and act locally!