Dr Sumati Patil – Mother of Manasvi - Grade 1
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We appreciate the supportive and inclusive environment provided at IAIS. The current times and online education is challenging. However, the teachers put in so much effort to make sure that every child in the class understands and is learning. The teachers, coordinators and staff are considerate, patient, and willing to go that extra mile to help.

"IAIS is the best decision we have made for our daughter"

Dr. Rashmi Naik – Mother of Dhruv Naik Grade 6 and Aanya of Grade 3
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Hello this is Dr Rashmi Naik, mother of Dhruv, grade 6 and Aanya, grade 3. I recently admitted my kids at Indus Altum and am extremely pleased with my decision. The teacher student ratio is small, focus is on understanding concepts rather than rote learning and I love the way teachers interact with every student. We are very impressed by the fact that two important subjects Life hacks and Global perspectives are a part of curriculum here.

''I am assured my kids are in best hands‘’

Sheetal Heda - Mother of Sidharth Heda - Grade 5

It’s been 8 months, my son Sidharth has been a part of Indus Altum International School. The atmosphere and learning environment are optimal for all young children. All the students receive individual attention, and my son loves his great teachers who are nurturing and friendly at the same time and encourage growth. Another thing that I like is that the updates on parent post are on time! Hoping that our children excel both academically and personally.

Mrs. Priti Patil - Mother of Anish Patil - Grade 6
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Strong study habits, Ethics and Moral values are framed at school and by the time children graduate they are ready to tackle whatever is ahead of them. IAIS' teaching gives students the freedom of speech and encourage them to perform better. Their teachers are highly qualified. Their interactions are very professional and friendly. They not only focus on theory but bring relevance and practicality into the classrooms. This is really a good practice as kids learn professionalism.

"I am happy that at IAIS my child is not just studying but learning"

Dr. Manisha Togale - Mother of Vihan Togale - Grade 8
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It was a great decision to admit Vihan in an International School because we wanted him to develop his individual personality. We know that he has some inherent skills in him which we thought of exploring rather than going for the conventional way of studying. The Principal, teachers and faculty at Indus Altum International School were very cooperative and made it happen for us.
We also like the school atmosphere and look forward to getting our kids educated at this world-class campus.

"So, we found Indus Altum International School as the right place for us to admit him."

Jyoti Raykar – Mother of Rishi Raykar
– Grade 1
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I think we all as parents are extremely fortunate to have come across Indus Altum! It goes without saying that the entire team from the Principal to the Academic Coordinators and of course the Teachers are master educators in a true sense. What is most impressive is that we’ve seen the focus being placed upon making students well-rounded as opposed to keying in on pure academics.                                                                                                             Read more

Mrs. Sonali Hanamshet - Mother of Shoolin Hanamshet - Grade 6
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Selecting a school was one of the important decisions. When we approached Indus Altum International School Belagavi, we found the Management very welcoming. They are well educated and very well experienced, ensuring us safety, security and well qualified teachers. The curriculum and the co-curricular activities that IAIS provide are beyond textbooks. The journey of my son with IAIS started in July 2021 and in just a few months we could see the improvement in our son. The wellness sessions are exceptional.

"We believe that we have made the right choice of school".

Shilpa Mangale Mother of Jatin Mangale - PP1 (IAELC)
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This session on "Dealing with the other side of your child" was a very informative session that helped me identify the behaviour patterns of my kid and how to be patient enough to tolerate his tantrums. Applying the grandma's rule where it is necessary and trying not to overdo or force anything are some of the tips that I can integrate into my parenting style. The session went on very well, so really looking forward to the anger management session.
Thank you so much!!!