The 360-Degree Holistic Approach

'Teach the Child, not the Subject' is a maxim that focuses on the holistic approach of the learning process. We have been listening to the 'Holistic' approach for a pretty long time. What do we exactly mean b

y that? Is it the confluence of Body, Mind, and Soul, and if yes, how do we achieve it? Student-Centered Learning has been an overused terminology now. What does a student-centered approach mean? A student-centered approach that accelerates self-directed and self-paced

learning is the mantra to achieve the objectives of Education 4.0. And this is possible only through a 360 Degree approach in education. It means the teaching -Learning process needs to be -

SO- Student Oriented

JO- Journey Oriented (Teaching -Learning Journey)

Su. O- Subject Oriented

A Confident facilitator understands the student and his/her specific learning needs at the SO level instills a love for learning through hands-on real-life experiences at the JO level and exhibit great hold on the updated subject knowledge at the Su. O level. A Responsible Facilitator realizes that his/her actions would shape the students' future and takes accountability for the same at the SO level, he/she takes the onus of the holistic development of the student through a human connection at the JO level and expose the students to the recent studies and developments in the subject igniting the wick of curiosity at the Su.O level. Meanwhile, a Reflective facilitator helps the students constantly reflect at the SO level, developing the scope of their skills, competencies, and practices -always better than yesterday at the JO level and allow the students to master the art of Research, Adaptation, and Evaluation at the Su. O level. Then what does an Innovative Facilitator do? The SO level he/she becomes resourceful, at the JO level prepares them for future challenges and opportunities through the learning journey and at the Su.O level constantly experiment with the subject to create something unique and different from what is existing, making the Level 6 of the Boom's Taxonomy (Cognitive Level ) alive at the end of each learning module because Creativity is THE mantra now. Meanwhile, an Engaged Facilitator makes the students intellectually, emo

tionally, and socially rich through real-life experiences and implications at the SO level, constantly sharpen the saw and take the class beyond the confinements of the wall at the JO level and be in touch with the larger community adopting and sharing the best practices in use at the Su.O level.

Holistic, indeed!

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